Project LIFE is Quickly Becoming an Exemplary Model!


Project LIFE is a specialized, multi-year transition program to maximize independence and opportunities for employment.  This curriculum, started in Butler Tech, is gaining steam and being replicated in and out of state!  Please look over the attached information!

Project Life Informational Brochure

Project LIFE Informational Brochure

Awesome Press for Integrated Employment!!!!

The Sound of Ideas: Developmental Disabilities in the Workforce

This podcast, on WCPN, the Cleveland local NPR affiliate, includes Jared Daly, Coordinator of Employment Engagement Services, for the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Steve Fluharty, Workforce Developer at Koinonia, Tim Hanserd, General Manager, Maggiano’s Little Italy, and Ann Smith, Employee at Your’s Truly.  Great thorough discussion, wonderful to share with colleagues as well as potential employer partners.